As some may know, Dauntless is a Monster Hunter'esq game that was announced in December of 2016(at least that's when I first heard of it). 
This game places you the Slayer vs Behemoths, where you and a group try and defeat the behemoths to get parts to fabricate new armour and weapons.  I'm very exited for this to come out and have bought the Founders Pack.
With that said, the new PC I built and the new mic I bought will help me in my goal of live streaming this game starting August 18th, 2017, during the Founders Alpha.
They have announced that the NDA is being removed for the Founders Alpha and players are welcome to show in-game play.
So if you want to watch feel free to tune into my stream @ zer0ish Stream. Ill be starting once I've gotten off work. Ill try and set up a link from my cell phone to my PC to start the download ASAP so it's ready to install once I get home.
Myself and a few friends will have a Guild going for this so feel free to reach out for invites.
If you're interested in checking out the game check it out @ Dauntless Website
Their forums are also a great place to visit @ Dauntless Forums

FYI; I've added a countdown timer with the title being a link to the stream.
zer0ish (System Admin)