Everybody wants a large maximum sized Bearded Dragon, they can reach lengths of up to 24 inches. 

While captive dragons average out to be 18-19 inches long, the elusive 24 inch dragon is always the goal. So how can we hope to achieve this goal? It all starts with a proper habitat for them to grow and develop in. Large terrarium is the key. You want a MINIMUM of 40 gallons once they hit 8-9 inches long. Upgrading from 10 gallons for your baby/juvenile to a 40, while give them more space to run and hunt. Adults need 40 gallons per dragon(Ill go into more details on having multiple dragons together in another section). Your terrarium should have a good height of at least 18 inches tall. Dragons LOVE to climb, climbing helps build their muscles substantially and helps maintain their nails. Things you will want to incorporate are, vines, suction cup branches, drift wood, ramps, a hide, rocks, etc. Using the suction cup branches, you can add another level to climb on by threading the vines through the braches, this helps build their balance and strength. A good substrate that will allow to hone their muscles just by walking around, such as carpet or tiles, you want a hard surface, I find carpet to be the best as it acts as an insulator to retain heat and moisture to keep your dragon warm when the lights go out. Ill go into details about why I advise against using sand as a substrate in the "To sand, or not to sand" section. All habitats need a good sized water dish so they can go take a dip and drink. The food dish is mostly for the salad(see Diet section for details).Avoid overcrowding the terrarium floor with structure, and rotate the structure every month when you do a full clean. This makes them explore more since everything has changed, old structure was removed and new stuff was added to stimulate their natural exploration behaviour.I used to use a 40 gallon, but I managed to get a 125 gallon off Kijiji for cheap, but you can also build yourself a much larger one with wood. This is what my terrarium looks like.